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Well Kiddos…

All good things must come to pass, so the next and last KAOS Show will be held on Friday, January 18th 2013 at the world famous Slim’s in San Francisco, CA.
It has been an awesome ride spanning 25 years, playing with tons of kool bands, meeting a lot of great people, seeing the world, and TONS of support from family, friends, and all the rest. But now it is time to take a step back and let KAOS be…for no other reason except, it just feels right.
We cannot thank you all enough for the years of support and long hours of work, sacrifice, endless time and efforts that have been given to the KAOS engine.
First we would like to thank and give our deepest respect to the guys who have been a part of this metal family over the years. Joe Loescher, Jay Figueroa, Tom Lettier, Josh Valdez, Sean Boyles, Burton Ortega, Keven Gorski, and Paul Cowan, your contributions and music is forever carved in our name. And to James Humphrey, Shane Larson, and Shane O’Brien for filling in the gaps on our journey.

We can never forget those who worked on the inside and who devoted their time and effort. Michelle Murray for her dedication, love, countless hours promoting, managing and keeping us glued together. Nathan McLeod and Malevolence Records for believing in us and simply being a fan of what we have done. Melissa with Warped Records, Mario Perotti with Powerslave.com, Tambre Bryant for opening the door to Europe, and Beth Risner for being there in the beginning of it all.

There have been some folks that have influenced, helped, believed and really made a difference for us and everyone involved along the way. Phil Demmel, Sean Killian, Rob Flynn, Joey Huston, Walter Morgan, Pascal Boland, Carl Fuli, Eric Mogridge of Epidemic and the boyz, Chris Collins, Tim Rodriguez , Jamie Jacoby, Pete and Mystic Rage/Bands4Bands, Jimmy Arceneaux and the Stone/Omni Crew, Benny, Spandex Marco, Mark Keaton and the old Sharkbite Studios, Jon Torres, Bungee Brent, Lorenzo Pino, Jon Kingsley, Eddie Koeller, Dennis Darnell, Craig Ploof, Amelia Leal and Chris, Anthony and Marissa, Danny Montenegro, Donna Wolfe, Kelly Ronchette, Keith, Steve, and the Bellino family, Andy Hernandez, Nikki Blakk, Dave Marquette, Jerry Allen, Danny Shipman with Reality Check TV, John “Rudeness” Ryus, Sergio Collazo, Tony, A.J., and Brandon with Tactical Lighting, Michael Pina with Pina Pix, Frankie, Greg, and Billy B. for immortalizing KAOS in flesh, and every single venue we stepped foot in.
We have had nothing but good times full of mosh pits, beer, and whiskey along the way to seal the deal on this kaotic rollercoaster metal show. The stage lights are being dimmed, but the name and the music will live on.

There are 25 years of people and memories that have graced our individual lives and KAOS. It is impossible to list each and every one of you. We have filing cabinets full of radio, fanzines, bands and fans that have spread our word and our music over all of these years. Each and every one of you are important to us and have touched our lives. To keep it as simple as we can…We are grateful and thankful for ALL OF YOU!!!

Cheers to all of YOU….
Jason, Stacey, Steve, Jesse & Chad

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