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What Does a Red and White Triangular Sign at an Intersection Mean?

Depending on the intersection, a red and white triangular sign might mean one of four things.


Regardless of the meaning, drivers should always yield the right of way to pedestrians and drivers at the intersection.


Yield is a traffic signal that indicates that a vehicle should yield the right of way.

The triangle has one point facing down and the word “YIELD” is printed in red on its center.

This traffic sign is commonly found at intersections and on highways.

When you see a yield sign, you should slow down and yield to other vehicles and pedestrians.

This will avoid traffic jams and accidents.

Remember, safety comes first, and avoiding accidents is the ultimate goal.

If you’re taking a DMV test, you’ll be asked about this common traffic signal.

Yield signs don’t stop traffic from proceeding, they simply warn drivers to slow down and yield to the traffic in the opposite direction.

Drivers need to slow down safely and yield before proceeding.

Yield signs are usually found at intersections or roundabouts, where one lane of traffic merges with another.


A crossbuck is a red and white triangular road sign that is placed at an intersection, usually at a highway-rail intersection.

It features two whiteboards crossed with a red border and is often accompanied by a flashing red light to alert motorists that they should yield to trains.

The sign will also indicate the number of tracks at the crossing. Drivers should be very careful at these crossings, and should never stop or block the tracks or the crossing gate.

Crossbucks are also used in other countries.

In Taiwan, for instance, they are used to indicate that a railroad is crossing the road.

In Taiwan, the crossbuck is mounted beneath a warning light assembly, and the sign contains a special symbol in the center to warn drivers that they should not pass over the railroad.

A red and white triangular sign at an intersection signals drivers to slow down or stop.

The sign is placed to prevent traffic jams and accidents.

A driver must always follow the rules of the road and obey all signs and signals.

The red and white triangle sign alerts drivers to yield to pedestrians, bicycles, and vehicles at an intersection.

A warning sign indicates hazardous road conditions ahead.

These signs may be orange, yellow-green, or green, and warn drivers of upcoming dangers.

These signs also alert drivers to road workers, construction sites, and schools.

In some communities, the signs are fluorescent yellow-green.

In addition, highway workers have forms for reporting unsafe driving in a work zone.

If a violation is found, the police may issue a ticket for the offending driver.


When you come across a NO TURN ON RED triangulated sign at an intersection, it’s a good idea to slow down and stop.

This will help you avoid an accident and keep traffic moving safely.

Generally speaking, vehicles on the left side of the intersection have the right of way.

You’ll often see a red and white triangle sign on a road.

This means you must slow down and prepare to stop.

As a driver, you should always remember to yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians. This is the first rule of driving.

The next time you come to an intersection, look for signs telling you what the speed limit is.

Some signs are for cars and trucks only, while others are for all vehicles.

Trucks must obey different speeds than cars.

The truck speed sign will tell you the maximum speed for trucks, while the combination speed sign will tell you the maximum and minimum speed.

The speed limits are usually posted on highways or interstates, but may also appear in downtown areas.

If you see a NO TURN ON RED triangulated sign at an intersection, you’ll probably have to obey it.

Usually, it’s a mandatory turn, but it’s also important to know when you’re allowed to make a right turn.

When it comes to left turns, however, you should take into consideration whether there are other vehicles on the road.

A YIELD sign, on the other hand, is a traffic sign that assigns the right of way to one vehicle on a specific approach to an intersection.

Drivers who pass a YIELD sign should slow down or stop when necessary to keep from interfering with the traffic in the opposite direction.


If you drive on a road or intersection, you may notice a red and white triangular sign, and you may be confused about the sign’s meaning.

A no-passing zone sign means that you are not allowed to pass.

It tells you not to speed up when the intersection is not safe for passing.

This sign is used to warn drivers of any potential obstacles that may not be visible.

When you see this type of sign, you must slow down or turn around immediately.

You should wait until the red light turns green to proceed.

It is also important to stop at the center of the intersection and come to a complete stop.

If you see a red and white triangular sign near an intersection, you need to slow down or stop.

You should also stop if there is pedestrian traffic, bicycle traffic, or a traffic officer.

You must also yield to pedestrians or bicyclists if you see this type of sign.

The sign can have a different meaning depending on its location.

If it’s posted in a school zone, it means that the speed limit is enforced.

Usually, a school zone sign has a downward pointing arrow.

The background is yellow or fluorescent yellow-green.

Another example of a no-passing zone sign is one that has a sign informing drivers that there are horse-drawn vehicles sharing the road.

Another example is a sign posted by highway workers.

These workers have a form that must be filled out so that they can report unsafe driving in their work zone.

Police may issue tickets if they suspect that the driver did not obey the signs.


If you’re driving through an intersection, you’ve probably seen a red and white triangular service sign.

This is used to signal drivers to stop or slow down.

It’s also used to indicate a yield sign, which is important for safety, as well as to avoid accidents and traffic jams.

While it may not be the most exciting sign to see on the road, it’s important to remember that it’s a necessary precaution.

When you see a red and white triangular service sign, you should slow down and stop immediately.

This sign is placed at intersections because it’s one of the most common places where right-of-way issues arise.

This sign also tells you to yield to oncoming traffic and to yield to other vehicles.

Often, these signs are used to direct drivers to a specific location.

These signs will indicate the name of a business, service, or exit.

The sign will give directions for drivers and may include a map or arrow.

If you’re not sure about a sign’s use, you can ask the city or state government for help.

You’ll also see signs that indicate special hazards or warnings.

Warning signs, for example, are usually yellow diamonds with black letters.

These are temporary signs, and they’ll be on the road for a limited time.

In addition, you might see a yellow triangle with a red border.

This means you need to slow down.

These signs are also important for safety.

They tell drivers how to avoid danger and avoid accidents by providing information to drivers.

When driving through intersections, drivers should be alert for hazards and signs that may be confusing.

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